Chimneys are generally the path of least resistance for outside air to get into your house.
A Flueblocker will seal your chimney off when not in use to stop drafts, bugs, bats, noise and odors from coming down the flue.

The Flueblocker is made of 100% Herdwick wool


  • What a great product!  Great design, easy to install, I will definitely recommend your product to my neighbors and friends!

  • We are very happy with the packaging and delivery of the Flueblocker this morning, and it’s all its place in the chimney already.

    Glyn and Glenys
  • Many thanks for sending our Flueblocker so quickly. We’re delighted with it because at last the drafts that have been blowing down the chimney in our spare room have stopped! The chimney is at least 40 feet high so those drafts could really whistle down it!

    Liz and David
  • When properly installed it eliminated the draft from our chimney.

    William Ivory
  • Fits just right, no more draft in my fireplace.

  • Love it; works wonders

    Michael Perry
  • Simple solution that does a good job of sealing out drafts


  • Works really well with my 9 inch stove with a tight fit that does not let air out.